Our Story

The Succies!

All around the world, there are homes with no gardens. Not a shred of green, not even a wind-blown leaf inside. These homes are sad and stuffy. Worse of all, the people living inside don't see how easy the solution could be.
It was only when Reah, a bright-eyed succulent with a real green thumb, decided to fix this. She had been enjoying her life outside until realizing her true purpose was inside. She gathered her sister Eve, who has a keen eye and a heart of gold. Then, her other sister Brie has a soothing spirit and a zen mind. Together they formed the Succies!
Their mission is to find homes hesitant of caring for plants and teach them how easy, necessary, and wonderful it is to care for succulents.
Reah has the power to brighten any place she enters. Her beautiful green leaves stand out in any room! She especially shines in room-temperature environments. Though it's not just about looks for Reah, it's about health. As much as homes can be stuffy, so can people's bodies. That is why Reah uses her powers to release water into the air, enhancing the moisture. Successively, this improves sore throats, dry skin, and common colds. For Reah, it's all about brightening from within!
Then there's Eve, who has the power to enhance focus and memory. Her favorite homes to help have libraries or home offices—that is where she thrives. She'll show others how to arrange succulents and create a beautiful garden. You see, Eve knows that a beautiful environment is crucial for concentration. It's strange, but even just looking at Eve, one's memory and focus improve. Her gift may be too powerful. For Eve, it's all about remembering the small things yet focusing on the big picture.
Finally, there's Brie with the power to calm the mind. Brie is a chill succulent who does most of her work at night. That is because, unlike other plants that continue to release harmful carbon dioxide at night, she releases healthy oxygen. She believes air is the most important thing in a home, and there's no better plant to improve the air than a succulent. Fresh air improves breathing, and improved breathing relaxes the mind. For Brie, it's all about achieving zen, and that starts with the mind. After all, a relaxed mind is a relaxed body.
One by one, the Succies use their powers to help homes all around the world; improving health, enhancing memory, and stabilizing moods!